Forging a New Identity AKA Begrudingly Embracing SEO

Presented at Kiwicon 9: Cyberwar Is Hell (2015), Dec. 11, 2015, 2 p.m. (15 minutes)

So you've got something in your past you don't want everyone knowing about. Maybe you got caught with your hand stuck in a honeypot or your script kiddy past is catching up with you. No matter your reason, creating a new identity is full of hidden gotchas. Google has the memory of an elephant and even if we're careful, ""big data"" analysis can deanonymise anyone but the most paranoid. We're going to explore some of the issues and mitigation techniques from a somewhat unusual angle: coming out as transgender.


  • megahbite
    Megan is an unreformed web developer and a level 9 skeleton warrior. When she isn't slaying injustices for trans people in New Zealand, she works as a senior Rails developer at an aptly named company called Rabid in Wellington. (She's actually really nice)


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