"Coin" up the Khyber

Presented at Kiwicon 9: Cyberwar Is Hell (2015), Dec. 11, 2015, 2:15 p.m. (15 minutes)

We all love startups - especially ones that are tackling the serious problems like laundry and drinking cups. How about one that lets you ""clone"" your magstripe credit and debit cards onto one handy magstripe device? Sounds like an excellent idea! So i'll be presenting a little application that'll let you load anyone's card onto this device, be it from your own wallet or from a dump from rescator.cm. I'll run through how it works and why this maybe should have been run past someone not from SF.


  • Peter Fillmore
    Peter has presented at a lot of conferences on stuff like creating #1 hit records, stealing children's toys and stealing credit cards. He can be found designing inappropriate PCBs, writing shoddy software that should never be put into production and ruining it for everybody.