Building the Internet of Wrongs

Presented at Kiwicon 9: Cyberwar Is Hell (2015), Dec. 11, 2015, 9:45 a.m. (45 minutes)

The Internet of Things is an essential part of the modern cyberlifestyle, but for douchebag hipsters, there's a yet-to-be-overhyped cyber-top-knot-fedora-tastic term you've probably never heard of: The INTERNET OF WRONGS (IoW). IoW will change the way you antagonize people, forever, if not for at least the length of my talk. In this talk I'll try to cover off 3 (time permitting) different IoW devices I have built and loved, using nothing more than off-the-shelf equipment and questionable life choices and show you, YES YOU (but possibly not you) how you can: Passively aggressively disrupt Mac-loving douchebags who harp on about the amazing battery life of aforementioned Mac owning douchebags Disrupt rich hipsters at independent festivals by stopping them from being able to share selfies online to show their friends they were there Siphon off delicious sweet cyber data via dedicated mitm devices in a mostly difficult to detect manner. If there's time and I've finished it by then, I'll also show my personal Schwiftifier(tm) that will allow you and others to get schwifty with no additional software*! *Except for installing a signed driver on windows, but works without one on mac or linux. It's a legit driver, what's not to love?


  • Steve Lord
    I'm Steve (hello), I break things in my day job, build things in the evenings and co-founded 44CON (, the UK's most awesomest cyberdingling event. I like beer and ducks, OpenWRT and Arduino.


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