Alarming your Neighbours

Presented at Kiwicon 9: Cyberwar Is Hell (2015), Dec. 11, 2015, 1:45 p.m. (15 minutes)

Software defined radio hardware and software has become cheap and easily accessible. If your neighbours are protecting their supplies of frozen mince and vegie pies, with an AS/NZS standards compliant wireless alarm system installation, a raid on these provisions is within the realm of possibility. Techniques for interacting with these types of alarms are widely available online, but these only tend to be lab based techniques, with little discussion of, or translation into, what's needed for real world usage. This briefing will outline the groundwork, utensils and mitigations required, to successfully zero in, identify, and meddle with your neighbours wireless alarm fortifications in the real world. Special attention will be given to: The Current Situation (equipment and techniques) The Issues (identified during field testing) The Proposed Actions (in the real world, for alarming your neighbours) Allergen warning: This briefing will contain traces of nutty code.


  • bitrat
    After being stationed at some electronic security outposts, bitrat was called into battle on another "everything is broken" technology front, where her special skills in digital-gaffer-tape-ry are well utilized. Note: bitrat cannot be found online as bitrat, for obscurity reasons.


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