Seeing Blu

Presented at Kiwicon 8: It's always 1989 in Computer Security (2014), Dec. 11, 2014, noon (30 minutes)

It's 2014 and people still care about DVD and Blu-ray region encoding. The number of easily-modifiable players has decreased. Companies will charge you to re-chip players to let you watch your legally purchased goods. But in a world where it's cheaper to throw Linux on a Chinese SoC than it is to design anything yourself, a world where most people's idea of DRM is "stick it in a kernel driver", a world where nobody can write secure code to save their fucking life, is there an easier way? (Spoiler: yes)


  • Matthew Garrett / mjg59 as Matthew 'mjg59' Garrett
    Matthew Garrett has a PhD in genetically modifying fruitflies, so gives zero fucks when a Blu-ray player tries to tell him what to do.