The OpenAMD Project

Presented at The Next HOPE (2010), July 16, 2010, 6 p.m. (60 minutes)

The badge for The Next HOPE is the result of a collaboration of several people over the last 11 months. Hardware, software, social interactivity, and more. This panel will cover how the badge works, how we keep track of where you are at the conference, what cool games you can play, and perhaps some clues to a few of our kule s3cr3ts.


  • aestetix as Aestetix
    Aestetix was last seen wandering the labyrinth searching for the Knights Templar.
  • cpfr
    cpfr is a data scientist. His latest research interests include facial recognition and extracting emotions from text.
  • Far McKon
    Far McKon is the cofounder of Hive76, a Philadelphia hackerspace, and instigator of weird and interesting projects, and a ginger.
  • Mitch Altman
    Mitch Altman is the brains behind Cornfield Electronics, and one of the cofounders of the Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco. Mitch is best known as the inventor of TV-B-Gone, but his list of hacks and cool electronics includes a lot of other intriguing projects. When he is not at Noisebridge making and teaching, he is on the road from hackerspace to Hacker-Con and back again, sharing his love of electronics.
  • Echo
    Echo is a visual artist in an ongoing effort to combine data analysis and pretty pretty visuals.
  • Travis Goodspeed
    Travis Goodspeed is a belt buckle engineer from southern Appalachia with a hobby of exploiting and reverse engineering embedded systems. Recently, he discovered a PRNG vulnerability of the key exchange protocol used by many ZigBee Smart Energy Profile devices. He is known to carry absurd quantities of GoodFET JTAG debugger boards, giving them out to any and all neighbors.