Digital: A Love Story

Presented at The Next HOPE (2010), July 16, 2010, 2 p.m. (60 minutes)

Earlier this year, author Christine Love released a computer game called Digital: A Love Story, an interactive adventure based about BBSes, hacking, and science fiction. Taking place in 1988, Love created a game that took place one year before she was born, utilizing as a research source for historical fiction.’s Jason Scott will interview Christine about the inspiration and creation of this game, what the BBS era offers as a story background, and a glimpse into how future generations will look at the hackers of today.


  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott is a computer historian known for either his website, his documentaries BBS and Get Lamp, his Twittering cat Sockington, his presentations and speeches at many different conventions, or his insistence on never shutting up. He lives a little north of here.
  • Christine Love
    Christine Love is writer of all sorts of fiction, especially science fiction and romances, and an occasional professional programmer. She has studied '80s hacking and computer culture only well after the fact, and perhaps romanticizes the era a little too much. When not writing novels or computer game narratives, she is a full time student of English literature and history, located just outside of Toronto.