Building and Breaking the Next HOPE Badge

Presented at The Next HOPE (2010), July 17, 2010, 10 p.m. (60 minutes)

This lecture describes the design of The Next HOPE badge’s hardware and firmware, as well as the security of the same. Attendees will learn how to add a USB chip, how to reflash a badge with new firmware, and how to write new software for the device. Additionally, attacks against which the badge is - or is not - defended will be explored in detail. Topics will include the design of the Open Beacon firmware, forced firmware extraction, and the repurposing of badges into packet sniffers, radio jammers, Morse code beacons, and a dozen other things.


  • Travis Goodspeed
    Travis Goodspeed is a belt buckle engineer from southern Appalachia with a hobby of exploiting and reverse engineering embedded systems. Recently, he discovered a PRNG vulnerability of the key exchange protocol used by many ZigBee Smart Energy Profile devices. He is known to carry absurd quantities of GoodFET JTAG debugger boards, giving them out to any and all neighbors.