Project Telephreak

Presented at The Last HOPE (2008), July 18, 2008, 11 p.m. (Unknown duration)

Telephreak was a group that was never meant to be. That is, it wasn't started as a "group" or "club" for dorks. It just ended up that way. It started as a conference system that could be used to talk with other like minded individuals around the world. This club of dorks now encompasses several projects, mostly due to the members' diverse interests. These include OpenVMS clusters (public access) and VoIP related projects (Asterisk add-ons) to X.25 networks. This panel will also be discussing "Project Telephreak" that's located in the Mezzanine area. They will also discuss other projects currently being worked on, such as iWar, the Deathrow Project, various Asterisk projects, and non-VoIP projects.


  • Da Beave
    Da Beave (Champ Clark III) is one of the founding members of the VoIP hobbyist group "Telephreak." He also co-authored Asterisk Hacking and brought the OpenVMS Deathrow Cluster into existence. He is currently employed with Softwink, Inc., which specializes in security monitoring within the financial industry. Da Beave has authored various security utilities including iWar, tscan/dscan (X.25), and others.
  • Notkevin
    Notkevin is a regular on Off The Hook and works quietly behind the scenes at 2600. Apart from pursuing a degree in information assurance, he spends his time tinkering with phones and social engineering He is also the keynote speaker for Pace University�s computer science community outreach program, traveling to local inner city high schools to teach security, social engineering, and hacking.
  • JFalcon
    JFalcon has been involved in the scene for almost two decades. He also has the claim to fame of being the first federally convicted computer hacker in the State of Alaska during Operation: Sundevil (1991-1995). Since his release in 1996, he has professionally consulted businesses and business executives in their own security needs along with being a senior system administrator to Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies. Currently, JFalcon maintains his passion for finding unique solutions to today's problems by studying the past, from running his own hybrid BBS system to see how it could compete with social network websites to designing his own robotic antenna controls for his radio gear to studying people's real experiments into hydrogen fuels. He currently calls Seattle his home.
  • R0d3nt
    R0d3nt has been a network engineer and security consultant for over ten years. Before that he ran BBS's and worked whatever underground project needed help. His first computer was a Commodore VIC20. He currently does security work for ISPs, data centers, and .COMs. Some of his interests include amateur and commercial radio, WiFi, VoIP, and general/commercial aviation.
  • Gid
    Gid is just another professional hacker living in the city of sin. In his off time he tinkers with asterisk and occasionally scripts some php. He currently holds a broad and in-depth experience in most technology fields. Current hobbies include Asterisk and LAMP environments. He�s been contributing to the Telephreak project almost since its inception.
  • Slestak
    Slestak is a virtually unknown, regularly misunderstood, profoundly dyslexic technologist (hacker) from the western United States. Primary modes of interest include: photonics, electronics, telephone systems, radio, computers, perception bending, linguistics, cryptography (fundamentals only), and a wide variety of nearly useless and fun projects merging all of the above.


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