Identification Card Security: Past, Present, Future

Presented at The Last HOPE (2008), July 20, 2008, 1 p.m. (60 minutes)

Come learn how identification cards have taken over our lives, how they can be manufactured at home, and how you can start a legal ID making business. Learn all the tips and tricks about amateur ID manufacTuring and pick up the first ever Complete Amateur ID Making Guide. Also, come test your ability to spot a fake versus a real and check out the newest in ID technology: polycarbonate laminates, biometrics, Teslin, and RFID. Lastly, see how corporations are affecting the identification card fiasco in the U.S. and how the Real ID Act is going to affect you. What's in your wallet?


  • Doug Farre
    Doug Farre is the administrative director of Locksport International, president of the Longhorn Lockpicking Club, and former editor-in-chief of Non Destructive Entry Magazine. Doug is interested in all types of security and is currently a Geophysics student at the University of Texas at Austin. He teaches scuba diving in his free time.


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