Featured Speaker - Steven Rambam

Presented at The Last HOPE (2008), July 19, 2008, 5 p.m. (180 minutes)

Hopefully there will be no surprises this year. In 2006, privacy expert Steven Rambam's two hour panel was disrupted by federal authorities who arrested him at the conference just prior to its commencement. In the end, he was completely vindicated and went on to finally give his talk several months later to a packed house at a local university. This year, Steven will be on for three hours, in part to make up for what you may have missed last time, but mostly because what he says about the state of privacy in our society will captivate you.


  • Steven Rambam
    Steve Rambam is the founder and CEO of Pallorium, Inc. (http://www.pallorium.com), a licensed investigative agency with offices and affiliates worldwide, including Texas, Louisiana, California, and New York. Since 1980, Pallorium's investigators have successfully closed more than 8000 cases, ranging from homicide investigations to missing persons cases to the investigation of various types of sophisticated financial and insurance frauds. Steven was one of the first investigators to expose "prime bank note" and "trading program" frauds, and his investigations in conjunction with U.S. federal law enforcement agencies resulted in some of the first convictions and imprisonment of PBN fraudsters. He is perhaps best publicly known for his pro bono activities, which have included the investigation of nearly 200 Nazi collaborators and war criminals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. Steven has also coordinated efforts to expose terrorist groups' fundraising activities in the United States and has conducted investigations which resulted in the tightening of airport security in eight U.S. cities.


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