Autonomously Bypassing VoIP Filters with Asterisk: Let Freedom Ring

Presented at The Last HOPE (2008), July 18, 2008, 5 p.m. (60 minutes)

Foreign governments and ISPs within Panama, Belize, the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, the UAE, China, India, Saudi Arabia, and others have implemented VoIP filters of some type. The effect is obvious - phone calls are effectively blocked. How can Asterisk developers and providers develop mechanisms to help maintain communication through the wake of government supported access control mechanisms?


  • Jeremy McNamara
    Jeremy McNamara is founder and CTO of NuFone Inc. Over the past ten years, he has assisted in the development and deployment of several ISPs, ITSPs, and application service providers around the United States. He also has extensive development, testing, and deployment expertise with Asterisk PBX and OpenSER-based solutions.
  • Blake Cornell
    Blake Cornell is an IT innovator and developer with over 12 years experience in software and security. He has consulted Fortune 500 companies and various law enforcement agencies with hopes of utilizing technology to ease real world issues. He currently has vested interests in a few companies within a few specific industries, including network security, VoIP technology and broadcast video. His latest endeavor, Remote Origin, Inc., offers the first to market centralized provisioning algorithm to aide administration of softphones with Asterisk. His latest project, Security Scraper, is currently harvesting over 500 computer security related records daily. His hopes are to create statistical models to track trends in the security industry. Blake lives and works in midtown Manhattan.


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