Pirate Radio: Running a Station and Staying on the Air

Presented at The Fifth HOPE (2004), July 9, 2004, 11 p.m. (Unknown duration)

A guide to the setup and operation of a pirate radio station and how to stay on the air when the federal government wants you off. Monk, founder of KBFR and ongoing benevolent dictator of the group (now over 40 DJs broadcasting 24/7), will moderate this panel on how to beat the authorities at their own game. Discussion will include types of technologies used to stay a step ahead of the FCC (and some that have failed) as well as more general information on how to set up and run a successful pirate radio operation.


  • Monk
    Monk is a corporate burnout. He started Boulder Free Radio in his basement in 2000 and has been on the air pretty much 24/7 (with occasional breaks due to FCC busts) since then. Monk has developed a group of 40 plus DJs rocking the Boulder Airwaves with great live music, local on-air band jams, and some of the best music west of the Mississippi. The group's tech team has developed an Internet studio transmitter link system that's successfully thwarted the FCC for over two years.
  • b9punk
    b9punk is a designer and pretentious artist at large (http://www.jennifergergen.com) who managed to get mixed up in a few bad crowds, including pirate radio, the coordination of the Hacker Halfway House, and "fascism for the fashion." She is a veteran of KBFR pirate radio. During her tenure, in addition to hosting a show, she was instrumental in growing the stations' participants and music archive. Most notably, she survived a visit from the FCC. She loves the FCC. She is also largely responsible for the "propaganda" look and theme of this grand event. She's not sorry, and she'll do it again.


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