Homeland Security And You: Harry Potter Meets Reality

Presented at The Fifth HOPE (2004), July 10, 2004, 9 p.m. (60 minutes)

A study of how conference participants can use their expertise to assist private industry and government in assessing vulnerability. Marc will present his ideas for a National Security College to train young adults in many topics: crypto, lockpicking, encryption, etc. He will outline the technical subjects that would need to be taught so students could assist in protecting private sector and government from cyber and physical attack. Also, a look at some of the potential conflicts students might have in such an environment, including attitudes on intellectual property and its protection.


  • Marc Weber Tobias as Marc Tobias
    Marc Tobias is an investigative attorney from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He has a bachelor's degree with a major in law enforcement and a Juris Doctor from Creighton Law School in Omaha. He was admitted to the Nebraska and South Dakota bars as well as federal courts. He has specialized in technical fraud investigations for 30 years, is a polygraph examiner, has written five police textbooks (including the treatise on locks and safes entitled Locks, Safes, and Security). Marc has worked around the world in investigations involving security issues and the bypass of high security locks.