Evidential Study of IoT Botnets - The Bad and The Ugly!

Presented at The Circle Of HOPE (2018), July 21, 2018, 5 p.m. (60 minutes)

IoT botnets are deployed heavily to perform nefarious activities by circumventing the integrity of the IoT device to launch sophisticated targeted or broad-based attacks. IoT botnets have enhanced the cybercrime operations to a great extent, thereby making it easier for the attackers to carry out unauthorized activities on the Internet. In this talk, Aditya will perform an empirical analysis to conduct a characteristic study of IoT botnets to understand the inherent design, architecture, and associated operations. Code samples will be dissected to highlight the inherent nefarious operations performed by the IoT bots. The study covers analysis of multiple IoT botnet families.


  • Aditya K Sood as Aditya K. Sood
    **Aditya K. Sood** (@adityaksood) is an information security practitioner and researcher by profession. He has research interests in malware automation and analysis, cloud security, secure software design, and cybercrime research. He is also a founder of SecNiche Security Labs, an independent web portal for sharing research with the security community. Currently, he directs the security efforts for the cloud security division at Symantec. He obtained his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in computer sciences.



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