Underground Documentaries: The Art of the Interview and the Access

Presented at HOPE Number Six (2006), July 23, 2006, 5 p.m. (60 minutes)

This panel will cover what it takes to make your own underground indy documentary - from asking "attack questions" to recording industry execs to approaching historical legends to sit down with you and be interviewed. Topics will include the equipment required, legal no-nos, the Creative Commons, editing, distribution, and how to do it all on the cheap.


  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott is the administrator and founder of textfiles.com, a collection of historical computer artifacts spanning the last 40 years, with a focus on the era of the dial-up bulletin board system (BBS). He recently finished a three DVD documentary called BBS: The Documentary (http://bbsdocumentary.com) and is currently filming a documentary about text adventures (http://getlamp.com).
  • Julien McArdle
    Julien McArdle ("Seal") is a student at the University of Ottawa in Canada. He enjoys writing security articles for which he has been published in 2600 and Slashdotted. He has made two films: one on computer essentials for newbies (The EYNTO Show) and a documentary that takes a detailed look at music/movie piracy (http://piracydocumentary.com).