E-gold - As Misunderstood As Hackers

Presented at HOPE Number Six (2006), July 22, 2006, 9 a.m. (60 minutes)

Internet Commerce is a wonderful concept. So is Internet Privacy. They clash where the government can access private bank records. E-gold allows private transactions to remain private. Unfortunately the Bad Guys want their transactions to be Most Private, giving e-gold and their financial brethren a bad reputation.


  • Oddsman
    Oddsman is a grumpy old cypherpunk who distrusts all governments. He'd like 2600 to consider adding different payment options. He'd prefer a payment system option which actually treats its users like they're adults. He does not speak for e-gold in any way, but he likes the stuff a lot.
  • Richard Cheshire / The Cheshire Catalyst as Richard Cheshire
    Richard Cheshire (The Cheshire Catalyst) was a publisher of the legendary TAP newsletter. He has also been published in 2600, Monitoring Times, and the now defunct Teleconnect. He lives in Florida where he claims to have his very own area code. He currently champions Internet accessibility across the digital divide.


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