The Open Secure Telephony Network

Presented at HOPE Number Nine (2012), July 15, 2012, 5 p.m. (60 minutes)

All of the necessary technologies and communications standards exist today for voice communications that are as secure as OpenPGP email. Both proprietary and open source solutions exist for desktop and mobile devices that implement the necessary bits to provide a solution without dependence upon one global service provider. provides both a service and an application for the Android OS that is only marginally more complex to use than dialing an existing phone number, while still based entirely on open standards like SIP and ZRTP. The app is experimental and is based on existing open source client code provided by the CSipSimple, pjsip, and zrtp4pj projects.


  • Mark Belinsky
    Mark Belinsky is an entrepreneur and technologist who has developed projects at the intersection of media, tech, and data in over 26 countries. Currently, he is a creative technologist fabricating security tools with The Guardian Project and building international movements with purpose. In Armenia, Mark co-founded and is a board member at BEM, a youth action center that serves as a platform for building an active civil society through media, performance, and citizen journalism. He is co-founder of and advisor to Digital Democracy, a nonprofit that empowers marginalized communities to use technology to build their futures around the world. He directs and produces films and designs interactive media projects with his company New Words Media.
  • Lee Azzarello
    Lee Azzarello strives to help the Internet continue as a democratic medium for free expression well into the future. He works with The Guardian Project to help users ensure their right to privacy when communicating online with their mobile handsets and tablet computers. His specialty is VoIP architecture, operating systems, and web application backends.


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