Legal Processes As Infrastructure Attacks

Presented at HOPE Number Nine (2012), July 13, 2012, 4 p.m. (60 minutes)

Law enforcement and lawmakers have been showing much more of an interest in regulating the Internet. The hacker community needs to understand how certain legal methods work like IT infrastructure attacks. This talk will explain legal processes such as subpoenas, search warrants, and e-discovery as IT infrastructure attacks, as well as how to talk to lawyers. This is an evolving topic as the environment has been constantly changing and, of course, has become more complicated. Also included: a discussion on the recent Megaupload and other domain seizures, forced IP and search engine blocking, and a question and answer session on related matters.


  • Alex Muentz
    Alex Muentz is an IT professional and lawyer. He’s spoken at HOPE since 2006, in addition to a handful of other conferences. When he’s not trying to explain lawyer-y things to hackers or hacker-y things to lawyers, he teaches and practices law.


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