Jason Scott's Strange and Wonderful Digital History Argosy

Presented at HOPE Number Nine (2012), July 13, 2012, 9 p.m. (60 minutes)

With a few small seeds of facts, digital and computer historian Jason Scott will draw together a multi-medium presentation of events, terms, facts, and references to set you off on a journey of learning for the rest of the year. Combining material from his three in-production documentaries and years of research, attendees will be given the threads that pull massive airships of knowledge out of the sky and into your minds. Formal attire welcome but not mandatory - participation encouraged - paradigms blown - mysteries solved.


  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott is a historian, archivist, and filmmaker dedicated to preserving all manner of computer and digital history, with a dash of general history on the side. As “free-range archivist” at archive.org, he has been bringing terabytes of material into its ranks, while his own site, textfiles.com, continues to acquire endless amounts of BBS-era artifacts and tales. He has spoken at an awful lot of HOPEs and has always found it the best use of the weekend. He is very old.