Brain Chemistry: How Psychoactive Chemicals Hack the Central Nervous System

Presented at HOPE Number Nine (2012), July 15, 2012, noon (60 minutes)

People have been using chemistry to hack their bodies and their brains since antiquity. In the past several decades, we have come to understand much more about the processes involved. How is it that certain molecules cause profound alterations in perception? How do they alleviate physical and psychological pain? How do they get people high? Why are some drugs psychoactive and not others? Why are some toxic? This presentation explores the answers to these questions and more.


  • Jennifer Ortiz
    Jennifer Ortiz is a doctor of pharmacy, recently graduated from Creighton University. She graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in electronic media arts and communication, and a minor in computer science. She worked for five years in web development, then pursued pharmacy.


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