Cryptography and Privacy

Presented at Hackers On Planet Earth (1994), Aug. 13, 1994, 10 p.m. (120 minutes)

There have been quite a few articles in the national media recently about cryptography and privacy. Bob Stratton will attempt to provide an introduction to the terms and technology, how it affects the average citizen, and insights into the public policy debate currently raging in Washington and around the world. There will be a special emphasis on the relationship of cryptographic technology and emerging personal communications tools. Also, a demonstration by Bernie S. and John Turbo of the AT&T 3600 Surety device, the world's first Clipper Chip telephone encryption unit. Attendees will be invited to make telephone calls between two AT&T 3600's and a loudspeaker will enable all present to actually hear the encrypted audio. An actual Clipper Chip will be given away as a door prize with the opportunity to smash it with a hammer in front of all. Also featuring Eric Hughes and Matt Blaze.



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