Why Professor Garfield Should Be Your Child's Best Friend on the Internet

Presented at A New HOPE (2022), July 22, 2022, noon (50 minutes)

Professor Garfield is our old friend Garfield the Cat from the funny papers, but he now has a job to do! He's teaching that doofus kitten Nermal how to protect himself from nasty dogs on the Internet that want to cause him trouble. It's possible that from reading these comics, some children may learn these lessons along the way too. The Cheshire Catalyst got concerned when a fifth grade teacher in his home town gave one of Cheshire's public web pages to the kids in the teacher's class. As someone who prefers a reputation as one of "those mean, nasty hacker dudes," Cheshire does *not* want to be a role model to those youngsters, but is perfectly willing to let Professor Garfield have the job, since those kids do need guidance of some kind.


  • Richard Cheshire / The Cheshire Catalyst as The Cheshire Catalyst
    **The Cheshire Catalyst (@Cheshire2600)** (Richard Cheshire) was the last editor of the notorious *TAP Newsletter* of the 1970s and 1980s. (*TAP* was a predecessor of *2600 Magazine*.) In his "share the knowledge" spirit, he has volunteered at every HOPE conference since the first one in 1994. His PHonePHriendly.Com sets up web pages meant to be read on mobile phone web browsers, and allows him to delude himself that he's still into phones as a phreak.


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