Combating "Ransom-War:" Evolving Landscape of Ransomware Infections in Cloud Databases

Presented at A New HOPE (2022), July 23, 2022, 7 p.m. (50 minutes)

The attackers are targeting cloud databases used for modern applications to subvert the integrity and confidentiality of the stored data. Databases, including MongoDB, Elasticsearch, etc., are being infected with ransomware and exploited in the wild to conduct data exfiltration and data destruction. This talk will present a threat landscape of ransomware and botnet infections in the databases deployed for modern applications. The talk unveils the techniques and tactics for detecting ransomware and botnet infections in the cloud databases by practically demonstrating the detection of real-world infections using developed tools. The audience can use the tools to conduct an efficient security assessment of cloud databases against severe infections. The talk equips the threat researchers and penetration testers to build threat intelligence that can be consumed at a large scale. The audience will visualize real-time ransomware detection in cloud databases, including interesting insights into how these databases are compromised.


  • Aditya K Sood as Aditya K Sood,PhD.
    **Aditya K Sood, PhD (@adityaksood)** is a cybersecurity advisor, practitioner, researcher, and consultant. Dr. Sood obtained his PhD from Michigan State University in computer sciences. Dr. Sood is also an author of Targeted Cyber Attacks and Empirical Cloud Security books. He works as senior director of threat research and security strategy at the Office of the CTO at F5.


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