Make Your Own Network Security Tools With Scapy

Presented at ekoparty 14 (2018), Sept. 26, 2018, 1:50 p.m. (120 minutes)

We will start this workshop by showing Scapy library basic functioning, handling topics such as the creation and capturing of network packets. Then, it will be shown how to discover what devices are active in the network, through the ARP protocol. Once finished, we will submerge in the Man In The Middle (MITM) concept, and specifically, in the MITM through de ARP Spoofing. Explaining step by step how to do it with Scapy. Finally, we will show how to capture HTTP traffic and how to modify it instantly, so as to shoot different attack types, such as injection of malicious payloads. Temary Scapy introduction Sniffing ARP ARP Discovery Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) ARP Spoofing IP Forwarding Sniffing HTTP HTTP traffic adjustment


  • Javier J. Vallejos Martínez
    Securetia Co-founder. He has a degree in Informatics, a specialization in Informatics security. Professor of subjects related to cybersecurity in undergraduate degrees, college degrees and post-graduate courses. He also works as informatics surveyor at the Poder Judicial de la Nación.
  • Fabian Martinez Portantier
    Securetia Co-founder. He owns vast experience both in the TICs field as well as in the Information Security one. Fan of Python and Linux. He has developed Habu: Python Network hacking Toolkit, AsyDNS: Asymetric DNS, among other tools. He wrote a book about informatics security and is coordinator in an informatics security course.


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