Human body as an electric IO system: Hacking your brain, and other body parts. Debunking myths on the way.

Presented at Still Hacking Anyway (SHA2017), Aug. 6, 2017, 6 p.m. (60 minutes)

A lecture about the brain as electrical Input Output system (the What the Hack logo would fit nice). But also other body parts as eyes and muscles will pass the revue. Debunking some myths on the way. This would be for all hackers that dream about connecting computer processing power to themselves. For most of them this dream will be joyfully shattered, but some might become enthusiastic. #Making #Experimental A lot of people think that by putting on a head cap with electrodes one could easily extract what one is thinking about. Hell, even explain some dreams on the way. Or steer a person with electrical stimulation. You can spot the paranoids among them by their tin foil hats. This lecture will show what is possible or impossible, and why one should even want to IO with a human body at all.


  • Loek Gijben
    Participant since HIP97. Biomedical electrical engineer (TU Delft certified). Working on human body - electrical systems interfacing since 2007.