Ask your candidates and let everyone know about it: How to make use of democratic elections for your own purpose

Presented at Still Hacking Anyway (SHA2017), Aug. 7, 2017, 11:10 a.m. (45 minutes)

This talk will show and compare different forms of political campaigns during election times, including Free Software tools. Best methods to be used for the different forms of campaigning will be explained in a way for you to pick it up and make it work for your topic. Let's put pressure bottom-up again! #Politics In Europe, most people are asked to vote their representatives in quadrennial election times. In federal states, they often happen in turn with quadrennial local elections that leads into having a major elections every two-ish years. Like it or not, if you burn for a political topic than the time in that you can get the most attention for it are the months before an upcoming election. In recent years, the Free Software Foundation Europe has been trying various formats to push and pull for attention towards the understanding of Free Software, especially during election times. From publishing Q&A's with political parties via letters of intent to be signed by candidates to Free Software tools that can be used by voters to inform themselves about the political candidates. Like a "how to", I will explain each campaign format, their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as the methods to be used. In a final comparison I will help you to find the one that fits best your particular needs and your topic. BTW: In the other half of the year and in 2018, most probably a majority of Sha Camp visitors will have an election as there will be (local) elections in Belgium, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finnland, Italy, Sweden and many countries more. Time for you to organise and get to know how you can bring in your topic into the elections!


  • Erik Albers
    Hello. I do communication and community coordination at the FSFE. Find more info on my FSFE page:


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