Metasploit Townhall

Presented at DerbyCon 6.0 Recharge (2016), Sept. 23, 2016, noon (50 minutes)

The Metasploit Open Townhall is back for its second year, exclusively at Derby Con. Come and meet some of the full time members of the Metasploit Team from Rapid7. All members of the community are encouraged to come, ask questions and give feedback. Some things we’re particularly interested in hearing from you, our community, include What parts of Metasploit do you find most useful? What problems do you run into in Metasploit that cause you a lot of pain or trouble? What things is Metasploit not doing currently, that you’d like for it to start doing? Or maybe you have some questions about open source security in general, that’s cool too. Whatever is on your mind, come and talk with us.


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