Introduction to Quantum Cryptography

Presented at DEF CON 9 (2001), July 15, 2001, 10 a.m. (50 minutes)

The subject is Quantum Cryptography, and the scope of the paper will be targeted toward a lay audience with a basic understanding of physics (what is an electron, a photon, etc.), computers (that they deal with binary information), and cryptography (that combining data with noise makes the data unreadable unless the noise is removed).

I will move quickly and at a basic level through the quantum physics involved and the cryptographic principles and leave the audience with an understanding of the state and potential of quantum computing and quantum cryptography.


  • David Gessel - Super Dave, of the DoC
    David Gessel spent seven years of his childhood hammering steel in front of a coal-fired forge as a blacksmith�s apprentice. He then went to MIT to get a degree in physics where he focused on fusion, robotics, and precision engineering. Switching coasts, David joined Apple�s Advanced Technology Group and worked on a wide range of projects including pen-based computers, LCD technology, and digital cameras. David left Apple to join Interval Research Corp, researching rapid design/prototyping technologies for mechanical systems. After a few startups, David is now a consultant to Teradyne, Inc. and holds positions at Delta-e, LLC; PicoStar, LLC; idbias; and Nebucon, Inc.


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