Mass Scanning the Internet: Tips, Tricks, Results

Presented at DEF CON 22 (2014), Aug. 9, 2014, 10 a.m. (60 minutes)

Scanning the net -- the entire net -- is now a thing. This talk will discuss how to do it, such as how to get an ISP that will allow scanning, tools to do the scanning (such as 'masscan'), tools to process results, and dealing with abuse complaints. We Internet, such as all the SCADA/ICS systems we've found. We've only scratched the surface -- the Dark Internet of Things is waiting for more things to be discovered. We expect the audience to have a working knowledge of existing portscanners, namely nmap.


  • Robert Graham
    Robert Graham is the CEO of Errata Security, a pentest/consulting firm. He's known for creating the first IPS, the BlackICE series of products, sidejacking, and masscan. In his spare time, he scans the Internet. He has been speaking at several conferences a year for the past decade. Twitter: @erratarob
  • Paul McMillan
    Paul McMillan is a security engineer at Nebula. He also works on the security teams for several open source projects. When he's not building or breaking clouds, he enjoys cocktails and photography. Twitter: @paulm
  • Dan Tentler / Viss as Dan Tentler
    Dan Tentler is Co-Founder of a pre-launch startup, a boutique Red Team and security services firm. Previously, Dan has been the sole proprietor of Aten Labs, a freelance Information Security consultancy firm in San Diego. He is often paid to be the bad guy. He's allergic to cyber. Twitter: @viss


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