Operational Use of Offensive Cyber

Presented at DEF CON 19 (2011), Aug. 5, 2011, 10 a.m. (50 minutes)

This session will discuss the "Art of the Possible" when it comes to "Offensive Cyber Operations" and why it is so important for both military and non-military cyber professionals to understand each others perspectives on "Offensive Cyber Operations". Discussion will focus on the military's planning process and how the potential introduction of offensive cyber operations could effect the process and why information sharing events sessions like "DEFCON" are so important to its eventual success.


  • Christopher Cleary - Former Computer Network Operations Planner from US CYBER COMMAND
    Christopher Cleary is a former Computer Network Operations Planner from US CYBER COMMAND who led an Operational Planning Team focused on studying "Advanced Persistent Threats" to DoD network. During his tenure at CYBERCOM he was one of the few Officers to lead a forward deployed element supporting combat operations in the CENTCOM AOR. Mr. Cleary is currently employed by Sparta Inc. opa Cobham Analytic Solutions directing Cyber Strategy and Policy.