Kim Jong-il and Me: How to Build a Cyber Army to Defeat the U.S.

Presented at DEF CON 18 (2010), July 31, 2010, 11 a.m. (50 minutes)

Think you might ever be "asked" by a dictator of an Axis of Evil country to take down the USA in a cyberwar? Ever wonder how someone who finds vulnerabilities and breaks into computers for a living would approach cyberwar, i.e. not Richard Clarke? Then this is the talk for you! In this talk, I outline how to construct a cyber army to attack a developed country, based on my experience as a penetration tester and security researcher. This will highlight anticipated costs, resources needed, roles of individuals, and numbers of people needed, as well as tactics and strategies to use. It will also outline time required to get the unit operational as well as timeframes to achieve particular objectives. That's right, the USA is going down!


  • Charlie Miller - Principal Analyst, Independent Security Evaluators
    Charlie Miller is currently Principal Analyst at Independent Security Evaluators. He was the first with a public remote exploit for both the iPhone and the G1 Android phone. He won the CanSecWest Pwn2Own competition for the last three years. Popular Mechanics listed him as a Top 10 Hacker of 2008 and he is on the list of 2010 Security Superstars by Channel Web. He has authored two information security books and holds a PhD from the University of Notre Dame.


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