RFID MythBusting

Presented at DEF CON 17 (2009), Aug. 1, 2009, noon (50 minutes)

This presentation is about challenging many of the popular preconceptions about RFID technology. "Short-range" will be shot down first (I'm aiming to set a half-mile world record in the Nevada desert just before Defcon), "secure" will be busted second (don't bring _any_ RFID tags unless you want them cloned), "immune to electromagnetic pulse weaponry" will fall last (and hopefully most spectacularly). I'll be covering a wide range of different RFID technologies from 125KHz to 900MHz, and releasing a whole pile of source code, schematics, and (with luck) a little magic smoke.


  • Kristin Paget - Founder, H4RDW4RE LLC   as Chris Paget
    Undeterred by his previous legal skirmishes, Chris Paget is still having fun playing with magnetic fields and RFID. If you see a tall guy wandering around the con with long hair, high heels, and a pile of home-made RF hardware, there's a good chance that a) it's him, and b) your RFID cards have just been cloned.


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