Hacking UFOlogy 102: The Implications of UFOs for Life, the Universe, and Everything

Presented at DEF CON 17 (2009), July 31, 2009, 6:30 p.m. (50 minutes)

Two years ago at Def Con 15, Richard presented Hacking UFOlogy. He supported his contention that (1) UFOs are real and (2) the data to support that statement is voluminous with numerous references and links which he encouraged others to explore in good old try-it-and-see hacker fashion. Who better than hackers to have open minds, a willingness to try new things, an ability to look deeply into systems, including systems of thought, to see how machinery can be made to do things its own inventors don't know. Thieme builds on the foundation of that prior talk. The core of this presentation is his belief that while economies and nation states come and go, the cosmos, like the Dude, abides, and the single most important event in the 21^st century will be the realization - not the speculation, not the movie, webisode, or tweet - but the full awareness that we are not alone in the universe ... and not the top of the food chain. We will know that as we know that space travel, dismissed by the Royal Astronomer as "utter bilge" in 1956, the year before Sputnik, is simply a fact. Richard will draw on conversations with engineers, scientists, NASA personnel, aviation professionals and serious researchers over a period of thirty years. Serious researchers? Like who? Brad Sparks, for example. Brad discovered that the CIA concluded before the Robertson Panel in 1952 that UFO's were extraterrestrial. This was confirmed by the CIA director and deputy director of its Office of Scientific Intelligence. Brad also carried out a systematic investigation of the CIA's UFO activities, which included interviewing some 100 CIA Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, and various intelligence officials of the CIA, NSA, DIA, Air Force and Naval Intelligence and other agencies, since 1975. He has reviewed 100,000's of pages of declassified CIA, NSA, AF, Army, Navy and other agency documents on UFO's and agency background histories in the course of his research and is reconstructing the full history of the U.S. Intelligence Community involvement with UFO's. Brad uncovered the important fact that the AF made a milestone policy decision on July 28,1952, to discount and/or reject anecdotal UFO reports and to henceforth stress instrumented and technical UFO detections and sightings, and he believes this is the watershed event in all of governmental history in UFO studies. Brad is one. Michael Swords is another. Jerry Clark is another. There are more, they are rock solid, and their work is not trivial or frivolous. These are formerly hidden members of a no-longer-invisible college who have been compelled by disinformation campaigns to color outside the lines of orthodox research, while that research nevertheless took place under cover of other activities. Thieme will illuminate why this is not a "conspiracy theory" but simply how things are done and have been done since 1945. Fascinating documents will be provided. Entertaining stories will be told. Research will be documented. All will point toward a conclusion identical to the hypothesis: the single most important event in this century will be the realization that we are not alone in the universe. Human history must be remythologized. The system must be rewired. Who better than hackers to think about these things?


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