Presented at DEF CON 15 (2007), Aug. 3, 2007, 5 p.m. (50 minutes)

Dark Tangent never speaks at DEF CON because he thinks it is cheating.. but not for the 15th anniversary! Come listen to a behind the scenes account of what really happened during the "Cisco/ISS Gate" fiasco from 2005. Throughout the talk the audience will be asked what they would have done at key points and then learn what I chose to do. A cautionary and comical tale of what happens when communication breaks down.


  • Jeff Moss / The Dark Tangent as The Dark Tangent
    The Dark Tangent started DEF CON 15 years ago when his $2,000 1gig hard drive let the smoke out, eating his world known BBS system A Dark Tangent System, and forcing him to come up with new ways to be involved in the underground scene. He is constantly amazed that something that was his hobby and a passion early on in life has turned into a career and a lifestyle.