"What has the NSA done for me lately?"

Presented at DEF CON 14 (2006), Aug. 4, 2006, 6 p.m. (20 minutes)

In 2002 the President issued an Executive Order authorizing the National Security Agency (NSA) to wiretap phone and email communications involving United States persons within the U.S., without obtaining a warrant or court order pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), which prohibits such unauthorized electronic surveillance. Investigate the technology timeline regarding this Contentious activity. The surveillance threat to liberty consists of multiple and overlapping collection efforts, targeted against all sources of information available by various agencies and is supported through several pieces of legislation. For this reason, the balance between technological capability and privacy will continue to remain a major concern in the future.


  • Timothy M O'Neill - Instructor
    Tim O'Neill instructs various engaging INFOSEC and OPSEC courses as an adjunct professor with the Division of Extended Studies at Boise State University. Working extensively with the National Security Agency's Information Assurance Directorate, (NSA IAD) he was successful in designing and implementing the first NSA accredited curriculum for the Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation Program at Boise State University in accordance with the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) National Standards 4011 & 4013. As an associate of the FBI's Infragard Salt Lake City Utah chapter, he works to provide assistance, expertise and resources relating to Information Security vulnerabilities, policy development and computer security best practices. His most recent speaking and organizing initiatives are: the 2005 National OPSEC Conference & Exhibition, 2005 Gowen Field OPSEC briefs, 2005 BSU Fraud & ID Theft conference, 2005 NWFIA conference. Additionally, Tim O'Neill is part of a collaborative effort with the Better Business Bureau to form a regional, small business training group, fostering trust and partnerships throughout business and industry, while providing risk mitigation, education, training and research modalities. Professional Affiliations: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; Information Systems Security Association; Information Systems Audit & Control Association; Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association


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