FEAR!(?) The Census Bureau

Presented at DEF CON 14 (2006), Aug. 6, 2006, 2 p.m. (50 minutes)

The Census Bureau is the Only Federal Agency that is acquiring detailed personal data on Every person in the United States. While the Census provides valuable information that is vital to our form of government, major privacy concerns exists. The potential for abuse of the data has historical roots, the most notorious being the rounding up and relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War II.  Learn how the Social, Economic, Housing, and Financial characteristics being gathered can be legally used against you. We will examine how dangerous the data could be if it was used illegally. (If you are paranoid, you do not want to miss this!) Finally, we will examine the laws that mandate that every American must cooperate with the Census Bureau or face possible Civil and/or Criminal Punishment. What are your options when that Census worker shows up at your door and threatens you with prosecution by the U.S. Attorneys office?


  • Steve Dunker
    Steve Dunker is a Professor of Criminal Justice at Northeastern State University. He is a former Major Case Squad Detective who worked as a planner and supervisor of an anti-crime and decoy unit. He is a licensed attorney in the State of Missouri.


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