Pen-testing the Backbone

Presented at DEF CON 13 (2005), July 30, 2005, 3 p.m. (50 minutes)

Despite its crucial importance, the network backbone is often ignored or exempted from security testing. This talk will cover how to sanely and effectively perform a pen-test against routers, switches, and similar network infrastructure equipment. Avenues of attack will range from the physical to the routing protocol-based, from the local to the remote, and suggested mitigation measures will also be discussed.


  • Raven - NMRC
    Raven splits her time between network engineering and security testing, and often tries to fuse the two, to varying degrees of success. She is equally fond of building networks for ISPs and breaking them nicely. In her Copious Spare Time, she contributes to network security books, mangles for OSVDB, kicks other people's crypto implementations, and enjoys ill-advised adventures.


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