Licensing Agreements 101: The Creative Commons License

Presented at DEF CON 13 (2005), July 30, 2005, 6 p.m. (50 minutes)

Increasingly, users are adding licensing agreements to all of their online content. One of the most popular licensing agreements for non-coders is the Creative Commons license. Its integration into several popular web products and ease of use have quickly made it the standard license for bloggers. While the Creative Commons provides a "human readable" version of the license, that version doesn't tell the whole story. There are several rights and restrictions in the real contract that most users never see. This talk will give some quick background on the Creative Commons license – why exactly it was created and who created it. More importantly, this talk will dissect the "lawyer" version of the license and explain some of the key terms hidden from the average user.  Finally, this talk discuss way to maximize your protection under the license and protect your content from possible legal pitfalls.


  • Jim Rennie / FalconRed as Jim "FalconRed" Rennie
    Jim "FalconRed" Rennie is currently a law student in New York City. Previously, he spent several years as a Software Engineer at two Seattle-area companies. While in Seattle, he met up with the infamous GhettoHackers, which probably shortened his life expectancy by several years. Jim has been attending DefCon long enough to know who not to piss off.


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