Hacking Windows CE

Presented at DEF CON 13 (2005), July 29, 2005, 6 p.m. (50 minutes)

Security threats to PDAs and mobiles become more and more serious. This presentation will show a buffer overflow exploitation example in Windows CE. It will cover some knowledge about ARM architecture and memory management, the features of processes and threads of Windows CE. It alse show how to write a shellcode in Windows CE (including some knowledge about decoding shellcode of Windows CE with ARM processor), and a live attack demonstration.


  • San - NSFocus Corporation & XFocus Team
    San is a security researcher, who has been working in the Research Department of NSFocus Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd for more than three years. He's also the key member of XFocus Team. His focus is on researching and analysing application security, and he's also the main author of "Network Penetration Technology" (Chinese version book).


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