Building WarDriving Hardware Workshop

Presented at DEF CON 13 (2005), July 30, 2005, 5 p.m. (50 minutes)

WarDriving is becoming a popular sport among hackers and DEFCON attendees, and WiFi site surveying has become an important tool for the IT security professional. This workshop will describe the basic equipment required for WarDriving and WiFi site surveying. There will be a brief presentation on the benefits and features of different types of WiFi hardware, adapter cards, chipsets, cables, pigtails, and antennas. The session will include an overview of the design and performance characteristics of different types of antennas. A primary focus of the workshop will be to show the participants how to select the components and parts required and how to construct their own cantenna (directional) and spider (omnidirectional) antennas.


  • Matthew L. Shuchman ("Pilgrim") - Founder & National Security Advisor,
    Matthew L. Shuchman (Pilgrim,) began his life as a hacker in the days of punch cards, ALGOL and FORTRAN. Mr. Shuchman is a founder of, a web-based retailer of WarDriving and extended range WiFi hardware and a published author on business and the need for data security, see: McGrawHill/AMACOM, "The Art of the Turnaround". Mr. Shuchman is an experienced public speaker both at conferences, TV, and radio.


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