Assymetric Digital Warfare

Presented at DEF CON 13 (2005), July 29, 2005, 8 p.m. (50 minutes)

The speech will be intended to let the attendees understand where and how the digital conflicts are conducted today but we will dig deeply into the future. We will take as example the US Army program F.C.S. (Future Combat System) as the perfect example on how a developed superpower might carry on a super-advanced war program, all based on combat computer systems and networks that control unmanned vehicles as well as wheeled combat drones, to discover at the end that the adoption of such systems might introduce conceptual vulnerabilities that a wise enemy might exploit by means of hacking.


  • Fabio Ghioni
    Fabio Ghioni is advisor to several Multinational Corporations as well as Governments. He is the leading expert in the field of information security, competitive intelligence and intrusion management in an asymmetric environment. As consultant to several different Government institutions he has been the key to the solution of several terrorism cases in the past. He has serviced leading international corporations involved in the military, telecommunications, banking and technology industries. His key fields of research range from mobile and wireless competitive security to the classification of information and forensics technologies applied to identity management and ambient intelligence.
  • Roberto Preatoni / Sys64738 as Roberto Preatoni (aka Sys64738)
    Roberto Preatoni (aka Sys64738): 37, is the founder of the defacement/cybercrime archive Zone-H ( well as its key columnist. He's also CEO of an International ITsec company (Domina Security) which is active in European and former soviet countries. He has been globetrotting, lecturing in several ITsec security conferences, including Defcon in the US. He has been interviewed by several print and online newspapers where he shares his experiences relating to cyberwar and cybercrimes. A man with different opinions than the usual.


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