RF-ID and Smart-Labes: Myth, Technology and Attacks

Presented at DEF CON 12 (2004), Unknown date/time (Unknown duration)

This talk provides an overview of the RF-ID Smart-Labes, small labels on products with an embedded microchip and an antenna. Smart-Labes store product and serial-number, expiration date etc. and can be read from a distance.


  • Lukas Grunwald - CTO, DN-Systems Enterprise Internet Solutions GmbH
    Mr. Lukas Grunwald is CTO of DN-Systems Enterprise Internet Solutions GmbH (Hildesheim/Germany)—a globally acting consulting office working mainly in the field of security and internet/eCommerce solutions for enterprises. Mr. Grunwald has been working in the field of IT security for nearly 15 years now. He is specializing in security of wireless and wired data and communication networks, Forensic Analysis, Audits and Active Networking. Mr. Grunwald regularly publishes articles, talks and press releases for specialist publications. He also participates actively in conferences such as Hackers at Large, Hacking in Progress, Network World, Internet World, Linux World (USA/Europe), Linux Day Luxembourg, Linux Tag, CeBIT Conference.


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