Better than Life - Manipulation of The Human Brain With The Use of Machines

Presented at DEF CON 12 (2004), July 31, 2004, 8 p.m. (50 minutes)

Jon McClintock


  • Ne0nRa1n
    Ne0nRa1n has been involved in the computer underground for a decade and is also a world traveler and slacker extraordinaire. In her pursuit to understand how brain waves work, she has spent extensive time in a Buddhist hermitage where she was able to experience meditation first hand. Among her current projects is her quest to find a way to replace expensive chemical antidepressants with affordable Ĺ’digital drugs.
  • Jon McClintock
    Several years back, Jon McClintock received a Computer Science degree from a university of no consequence. Since then, he's bounced back and forth several times between enterprise and embedded software development. Equally comfortable debugging 8-bit microcontrollers using a logic analyser as he is developing highly available, multi-tier applications, Jon enjoys manipulating minds both large and small.


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