How to stand up fun incident response exercises with zero experience

Presented at CrikeyCon VII (2021), March 6, 2021, 3:30 p.m. (45 minutes)

This talk will cover how to use publicly available information to stand up table top discussion excercises to train incident response scenarios in a fun and engaging way. The talk will give you the skills and knowledge to go back to your workplace and run Incident Response training and table top execises with your response team.


  • JP Haywood 'JP'
    JP is the Information Security Manager at one of Australia's largest mutual organisations. His achievements including saetting up a new infornmation security team, overseeing the establishment of the organisations SIEM and internal SOC as well as being a key player in the organisations CPS 234 compliance project. JP also contributes to the InfoSec sommunity in a number of ways including founding the SecTalks Toowoomba chapter and spaeking at conferences such as CrickeyCon, TuskCon and AusCert.

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