SpinalHDL : An alternative hardware description language

Presented at 33C3 (2016), Dec. 28, 2016, 9:45 p.m. (60 minutes)

Since too long we use VHDL and Verilog to describe hardware. SpinalHDL is an alternative language which does its best to prove that it is time to do a paradigm shift in hardware description.

SpinalHDL is a Scala library which allow to describe RTL by using object oriented programming and functional programming.

This talk will present basics of SpinalHDL and then show by which way this alternative approach offers a huge benefit in code clarity, genericity and reusability.


  • Dolu1990
    FPGA lover ! I'm a young engineer of 26 years old. I learned FPGA by myself at the age of 18. Now, after my M.Sc in industrial technologies and some experiences in thecGPU team of Imagination Technologies, I'm working full time (as independent) on the elaboration of a new hardware description language.


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