Presented at CarolinaCon 11 (2015), March 21, 2015, 4 p.m. (Unknown duration)

I intend to show how similar hackers are to rednecks. In doing so I hopeto encourage people to be more accepting of rednecks. Hackers and the greater InfoSec community has always been one of acceptance. So to are rednecks. They will invite you over, feed you, and be your best friend. Even though rednecks are getting more attention as of late, it's the wrong kind of attention. Many of the InfoSec folks I know are from small towns in the south. Furthermore, I'm learning that almost every state has a redneck population. There have been sightings in Ohio and Alaska. I believe that there may be a link between rednecks and hackers in that many hackers grew up in small, poor towns with relatives that were intuitive problem solvers. Both groups have to visualize the solution in their minds first and then, once complete, manifest it into reality.Hackers and rednecks possess a strong desire to forge their own way.They both employee creativity to solving problems. And both groups often end up doing things themselves rather than waiting for someone to offer something for sale. And, and if you need further convincing. Hackers and rednecks love to binge drink. Seriously. With lots of other people also binge drinking. If you're still not sold, come see my talk and I'll provide a first-hand account, with pictures, of a man that is a hacker, a redneck, and a genius.



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