How can Communities Move Forward After Incidents of Sexual Harassment or Assault?

Presented at Black Hat USA 2018, Aug. 8, 2018, 5:05 p.m. (25 minutes)

When incidents of sexual harassment or sexual assault occur within communities, as we've recently seen in InfoSec, how can a community respond in ways that support survivors and also hold problematic members accountable? How does a community move forward together stronger after these incidents? How do I support a friend who has been assaulted or harassed? How do I respond when a friend is accused?


  • Makenzie Peterson - Coordinator for Wellness Programs, Hampshire College
    Makenzie Peterson holds an MSc in Health Promotion & Education from the University of Utah with a masters project focusing on assessing the leadership style and effectiveness of humanitarian, nonprofit, health programs in rural area Ghana. Her expertise focuses on the health and wellness field including being a sexual health specialist for an MIT/Harvard sponsored start-up in the Harvard Innovation Lab focusing on educating college students on health topics. Makenzie is a certified rape crisis counselor and was a community advocate and prevention specialist with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Currently, Makenzie works at Hampshire College as the Coordinator for Wellness Programs and works with students around such topics including emotional and physical health, stress reduction, suicide prevention, sexual health, resilience, alcohol and substance use, and a variety of other topics.