JTAGulator: Assisted Discovery of On-Chip Debug Interfaces cont

Presented at Black Hat USA 2013, Aug. 1, 2013, 3:30 p.m. (60 minutes)

On-chip debug (OCD) interfaces can provide chip-level control of a target device and are a primary vector used by hackers to extract program code or data, modify memory contents, or affect device operation on-the-fly. Depending on the complexity of the target device, manually locating available OCD connections can be a difficult and time consuming task, sometimes requiring physical destruction or modification of the device. In this session, Joe will introduce the JTAGulator, an open source hardware tool that assists in identifying OCD connections from test points, vias, or component pads. He will discuss traditional hardware reverse engineering methods and prior art in this field, how OCD interfaces work, and how JTAGulator can simplify the task of discovering such interfaces.


  • Joe Grand / Kingpin - Grand Idea Studio, Inc.   as Joe Grand
    Joe Grand is an electrical engineer and hardware hacker. He runs Grand Idea Studio (www.grandideastudio.com) and specializes in the design of consumer products and hobbyist embedded systems. Formerly known as Kingpin, Joe was a member of the legendary hacker group L0pht Heavy Industries. He has spent more than a decade discovering security flaws in hardware devices and teaching hardware hacking to engineers and computer security researchers. Joe was also a co-host of Discovery Channel's Prototype This and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Boston University