Greg Newby

**Greg Newby (@gbnewby)** is a creative thinker with passion for enabling diverse scientific, social, and educational opportunities for all people. He is devoted to the expansion of human intellect and capability through the use of information and computing technologies. His past roles include serving as the chief technology officer of Compute Canada, manager of KAUST's Supercomputing Core Laboratory, and director of the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. He has volunteered as the director and CEO of the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation, which operates Project Gutenberg, since 2000.<br>[Project Gutenberg (@gutenberg_org) is a library of free online eBooks, and is one of the oldest online content providers in the world. Its mission is to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks. New Project Gutenberg eBooks are based on published works that do not have United States copyright protection. These eBooks are selected and digitized by volunteers. Project Gutenberg is online at<br><br>